What is type of file can you take?

Even though a high resolution (300 dpi) pdf is prefered, we can take other file formats.

How do I create a pdf from Word, Publisher, Excel?

Depending upon the version you are using, you will either 'save as' or 'publish to' a pdf. Newer versions you will 'save as' and choose the pdf in the drop down. Older versions will either be 'save as' or 'publish to' and choose pdf.

What is bleed?

Bleed is a printing term for a color or image that runs off the edge of the paper. 1/8" of the image exceeds the edge of the page, that is cut off during the final cutting process. This prevents a white line between image and paper edge.

What is the minimum margin?

3/8" (.375") is a great rule of thumb for margins on most documents. Business cards are the exception, with a suggested margin of 3/16" (.187").

What is the best size for . . .

a Postcard?

The most economical size for a postcard is 4.25"x5.5", because we can get 4 postcards out of an 8.5x11 sheet. (Postal Regulations Maximum size for Postcard rate: 4.25"x6")

a Flyer?

There are multiple sizes for a flyer, however a great suggestion is a 'Third Sheet' (8.5"x3.625"). This size fits nicely into a brochure holder. This is the folded size of a standard brochure.

What paper do you suggest?

Because there are so many options for paper, this is better to be discussed personally.


Weights - Cover (Cardstock)